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Natalie C. Felix: " Come Back as a Song"
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Blake: "Shadow Harmony in A Minor" Pherilla: "Volume 1" TOXICLIFE: "Friends and Overachievers"

Upcoming Releases

Tyrone Shoelace: The Do-It-Urself Crew, Glasscase: Emergency Situations, The Paradocs: The Randolph Street Sessions, HappyGift:), Blake: Instrumentals Vol. 4, and more...
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Glasscase www.hiyagroundsound.com
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Tyrone Shoelace: "The Do-It Urself Crew"
GlassCase: "Emergency Situations"
The Paradocs: "The Randolph St. Sessions"


Past Releases
The hiyaground! debut
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"Hiyaground!"  The Self Titled Debut Hiyaground!: "Gotta Get Up!"
Hiyaground!: "Live from the UBoat"
Hiyaground!: "Redefine"
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About Us

 Hiyagroundsound Productions was founded in 2000, by C. Blake Felix DiDonato, as a freelance audio production company offering recording, mastering, duplication, composition, sound design and session work. In 2002 Hiyagroundsound launched a small record label to serve as a platform and foundation for a family of underground all-stars.

The music is composed and produced in house by Blake and friends using keyboards, nylon, steel and electric guitars, basses, drums, percussion, microphones,  software, pots and pans and just about anything else we can get our hands on. Hiyagroundsound enjoys the honor and and is thankful for working with some of the finest songwriters, musicians and creative individuals our tiny planet has to offer. All songs produced by Blake c/o Hiyagroundsound Music ASCAP. We thank you for your interest and support.         Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting www.hiyagroundsound.com. Hiyagroundsound Productions is a vehicle for the dreams, creations and ambitions of the artists involved. Small web based record labels are the most viable market model for emerging artists and producers seeking a direct and independent means of music distribution. Hiyagroundsound stands to be a foundation for expression as well as a template for the expression of others. Supporting independent artists of all types strengthens local economies!

Contact us directly by Email at hiyagroundsound@yahoo.com
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso
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